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Take a look at some of Ask Granny’s fantastic ideas for Easter. If you’re looking for Easter egg patterns, images or designs for your website, your blog or even for home décor, take a look at some of these beauties. In this age of online living, many of us are looking for eye-catching graphics that can be added seasonally to business and personal websites. You’ll enjoy these Vectorilla Easter egg patterns perfect for logo templates, business card templates, website wallpapers and blogsite use. Click on the link below. The images are free.

Here’s an even better use of Easter eggs—these are the edible variety. Chocolate by Design is an award-winning family business that opened up shop in 2008. Located in Chesterfield, Derbyshire this business is a real community asset. They specialize in handmade chocolate gifts, cakes and all manner of personalized chocolate creations. Chocolate by Design sells wholesale chocolate, retails gifts and make amazing cakes for weddings and parties. They also employ a staff of eight including two apprentices. They offer classes on the history of chocolate and the chemistry of chocolate to eager groups of children who get the opportunity to taste along with learning. Chocolate by Design has an online shop. You’ll find the Easter eggs under chocolate novelties. Check them out.