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Are you searching for the best airlines for this years travel plans with young children? Which airline offers the best?   There isn’t much to crow about when talking about air travel these days. Or is there? One of the most interesting facts about today’s air travel is that the smaller companies worldwide often offer much better service and amenities than the large companies. Most of us are exceedingly tired of cramped seating, additional fees for baggage, cancelled flights and delays, long check-in lines and inedible or non-existent food. When you’re traveling with children all of these less than friendly situations are further magnified.


USA Today wrote an article about the ten best airlines that most people never use. They’re smaller and may not fly everywhere you need to go, but if they do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at their rates and service. One of these smaller airlines is Turkish Airlines which was voted Europe’s best for 2012. Another is Virgin Australia with good marks in all categories.


CNBC says that Qatar Airways ranks highest in their estimation. With highest rankings in Middle Eastern Airlines, they also rank highest in first class airline lounges. Qatar offers more than 100 international destinations on six continents and has the youngest fleet with the fastest growth in the world.


In the U.S. Smarter Travel names the five best family airlines. Southwest is known for its wonderful customer service and has good discounts for kids. Midwest, likewise offers excellent youth fares. Jet Blue offers free onboard entertainment and low fares while Alaska has intermittent family packages with free airfares for children. Frontier is a low-cost airline and appealing to families as well.


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