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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, trust me, your grandkids are in love with that day. They are already thinking of the cards they’ll give and receive, the candy treats awaiting them, and wondering if they can cut out a decent heart with scissors and paper.

Why not plan a fun day with them around that heart theme?

Begin with a yummy heart-shaped pancake buffet

Get out your heart-shaped cookie cutter, pour batter inside and turn out some heart-shaped pancakes. Kids can help add ingredients, mix the batter and flip the pancakes. Then set out a nice array of toppings: whipped cream and mini-chocolate chips or sprinkles, powdered sugar and berries, or traditional butter and syrup. Heart-shaped pancakes

Color it red (or pink)

Click here to find lots of fun Valentine’s Day coloring pages. Kids love to color and grandparents find it fun and relaxing, too. Save the best pages for your refrigerator door and maybe save one or two for gifts for Mom and Dad.

Get Crafty

You can turn out some nifty Valentine’s crafts with just construction paper, scissors and glue. Take a look at this assortment of crafts—a “Be Mine” bumblebee, a “Have a Beary Happy Valentine’s Day” bear, or choose from hundreds of other simple, but cute ideas. Your grandkids will be thrilled to turn out these projects with your help. Lots of quality time here. Crafts

Send Some Love

Kids are givers. They love to make something special for the ones they love. Take some time to create cards for family members and help the grandkids to either mail them or present them in person. Watch the proud smiles spread across their faces as they learn generosity. Cards

End with a Sweet Treat

You’ll want to make this treat with your grandkids right after breakfast so it will be ready to snack on in the afternoon. Finger Jello is always a big hit with the younger set. Mix it up, pour into cookie trays and when set, the kids can help cut out heart shapes to gobble up for their snack.

What’s for Dinner?

You’ve spent the whole day making hearts of one kind or another. The kids will be tired of them by now, right? Nope. They can do hearts all day long and still want more. So how about a heart-themed dinner?

Begin with heart-shaped fruit kabobs. Choose fresh fruit and use wooden skewers. You might want to add a yogurt dip. And go on to cute little heart-shaped pizzas. Kids will love helping with these projects and will love eating them even better.

End the meal with a scoop of ice cream decorated with heart candies. There. You’ve done yourself proud and the grandkids are all set for that special February day they love so much.