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If you’re lucky enough to be attending Olympic events, you’ll be dealing with the on again, off again London weather. Take a tip from outdoorsmen and dress in layers. Each layer has a function and will keep you comfortable in cool or rainy weather if need be.

Your base layer is against the skin. It may be a t-shirt or a sports bra or another base item of clothing. It needs to be made of a synthetic and not cotton because the purpose of the base layer is to draw moisture away “wick it” from the skin. In cool weather, moisture next to the skin can bring on chills and make one very uncomfortable.

The second layer is an insulating layer to protect from cold. Choose from wool or fleece items in an appropriate weight for the season. These may be shirts or light jacket-like items.

The shell or outer layer protects from wind and rain. It needs to be roomy to accommodate the layers underneath and can be made of either breathable or non-breathable rainproof material. It will most likely be a jacket.

Be prepared for changeable weather conditions and simply add or subtract a layer as necessary. You’ll be glad you planned ahead for maximum comfort.

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