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    Many families have a tradition of giving to the less fortunate during the Holidays. Why not make this your family’s tradition? Teach the younger generations how satisfying it is to share from an abundance to help those without hope.

Here are three great opportunities to make a difference.

Kiva makes it possible for you to make a loan to a needy individual who is operating a small business. The money might be used to purchase livestock or feed, sewing materials, pay for school fees or help a small store keep inventory on their shelves. As the business prospers, your loan is repaid and you can reinvest in another recipient of your choice. 100 % of your loan goes to the recipient.

Operated by a team of young professionals living in San Francisco, Watsi seeks to provide health care to needy individuals in low income countries. Those desperately needing healthcare are screened by various Medical Partners around the world and their cases made known to Watsi. 100% of the money you donate is given to the needy individual for their health procedure. Operating expenses are covered by corporations and wealthy individuals.

Mennonite Central Committee is well-known for practical relief in war-torn or needy areas of the world. Your gift may purchase relief kits for school children, hygiene kits, infant care kits or give medical care to hiv/aids patients. Or your gift may provide breakfast for a year to a student in rural Cambodia. There are hundreds of giving opportunities through this respected organization.