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5-VIA-Rail-TheCanadian-Rockies-300x300The sunny spring days may bring out your desire to see new and interesting places. But travel is expensive. Here is a thought. Why not look into senior discount passes for train travel in your intended destination?


Nearly every rail system has discount travel for senior citizens. Some of them begin discounts at age sixty and some require the senior to be sixty-two. Discounts of either ten or fifteen percent will make the already-cheaper than airfares very reasonable. Look for restrictions as some railways offer discounts on first class travel only.


If you enjoy traveling with a group, there are also group rates for ten or more on many rail systems.


In the US Amtrak offers senior discounts of fifteen percent to those over the age of sixty-two. When crossing into Canada via the US Rail Canada offers ten percent discounts for those over sixty.


In Europe you can travel using the Rail Europe system. Senior discounts begin at age sixty. This group coordinates rail travel for many systems including Britrail, France rail, Eurail Romania and others.


Do a little research  and take a look at Ask Granny’s senior citizens guide to find your best Railway fares and let the fun begin.