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In the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations, don’t forget to allow the children in the family the treat of Christmas baking. Here are easy to make Christmas recipes designed with children in mind.  Make the fun into cooking games for kids and remember, the finished product is to be celebrated, but the real fun is in the doing.


Snowman Pizza

Made with mostly whole wheat flour and strategically-placed pepperoni pieces, Snowman Pizza offers the fun of rolling out dough, cutting designs and decorating.


Festive Holiday Salad

This cute salad is made in the shape of a Christmas tree out of celery, red apple and pear pieces. It’s decorated with coconut and/or jujube candies. Very cute, very fun.


Cheerios Christmas Trees

This no-bake recipe will delight the little ones. The trees are made from marshmallows, Cheerios and mini M and M’s. The secret to the formation is canola spray on little hands.


Reindeer Cupcakes

Kids will love the decorating process. Made with chocolate cake, once the cupcakes are baked, they are decorated with pretzel antlers, M and M eyes and a red Smartie nose.


Christmas Chocolate Spoons Recipe

These decorative spoons are made by placing melted chocolate in plastic bags. When the corner of the bag is snipped off, the chocolate is carefully poured into spoons. Once dry, the chocolate can be decorated with tiny tree shapes and decorated with sprinkles. Tie a red ribbon on the spoon to make a festive gift.