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Most seniors love to travel, but are interested in getting a great travel value for their money. When looking for the best travel discounts, it’s wise to follow those in the know. Travel expert, Peter Greenberg is one who knows. Peter is the most-respected online travel news journalist in the United States. He is the travel editor for CBS News and the program CBS Sunday morning. In addition he has daily radio spots and weekly travel features on the radio. Both of these are available on his online travel website, Peter     Peter keeps his eyes on the latest in travel discounts. He has up to date news on budget travel, hidden gems—those places that we might otherwise miss, and on travel deals. Check out his website when making your travel plans.


Another great travel site is Travelwriters UK. Here you’ll find a list of travel journalists with their areas of expertise. It pays to find the persons who know the area you’ll be visiting. Find the latest deals by checking their blogs and travel sites via Travelwriters UK.