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1) Let the children text YOU with their plans, not the other way round.

2) Be happy with how much  time they assign  to YOU over the Christmas period and don’t complain if it seems too short!

3) Avoid too much travelling back and forwards

4) Too many treats/outings  with the grandchildren will invariably tire them, hence colds followed by ‘flu followed by everybody in bed on Christmas Day.

5) Take some time off to do the things YOU want to do without the family, even if  they are over from Australia and you haven’t seen them for 2 years. It creates a better atmosphere when you DO see them.

6) Don’t give advice at  Christmas time, if you HAVE to, wait until everything has calmed down a bit, in the Spring maybe?

7) Children and grandchildren often get TOO many presents on Christmas Day, so I give them something  small, before AND after Christmas and something smallish on Christmas Day.

8) Whatever your feelings are about your son or daughter in law, don’t express them in front of anyone including your husband, just ‘mutter to yourself’  on the street when rushing out to the supermarket for that last minute bit of shopping, you will feel much better and anyway your husband/father doesn’t want to get involved!

9) I DO feel some group activity should be encouraged, a walk in the park, some  outdoor sport activity, or some indoor activity such as a board game or a  guessing game of some sorts. Just forget movies or the tele for a few hours. Fun altogether!

10) Remember less in the end is more!

Happy Christmas to you all from Ask Granny