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 UnknownMost families have Easter traditions they look forward to with anticipation. These may include religious observances, family gatherings with a large meal, sporting events and usually some fun activities such as egg hunts for the children.


If you’re looking for something to spice up this year’s Easter celebrations, you might want to try some of the following. Take a look.


Egg Hunts, Treasure Hunts and Games

Children absolutely love the fun of a hunt with clues, prizes and candies. If you’re looking for variations on finding that beloved Easter basket, go to Spoonful. They also have some fun Easter games such as Egg Scramble and the Easter Yarn Maze. For ways to turn the egg hunt into a treasure hunt see Scavenger Hunt Riddles. At Happy Home Fairy you’ll find printable clues to use with younger children as they hunt for their Easter baskets.


Easter Recipes for the Kids

Easter is more fun when there are some bunny cupcakes or other special treats on the table. Get kids involved with making one of these cute Easter recipes. At Bunny Cakes you’ll find a whole array of recipes for your Easter Bunny centerpiece. And if you enjoy making something special at this festive time of the year try some of these Easter Candy recipes.


Easter Crafts

From Easter-themed mobiles to egg piñatas, your grandkids will enjoy creating Easter crafts. At BHG you’ll find twenty cute Easter craft ideas and Spoonful offers another wonderful list of easy Easter crafts including the Mickey Easter Egg and a Glove Bunny Puppet.


Spring Flower Festivals

After a morning of treasure hunting and then a big Easter dinner, your family may enjoy getting out of doors for an afternoon drive. Depending on your climate, you may be fortunate enough to have Easter coincide with local spring flower festivals. Check out your location for festivals of spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, cherry blossoms, dogwood, lilac, rhododendron and lupine. These events usually include tours of flowers in the field, a chance to purchase cut flowers or bulbs, lots of flower and garden displays and activities such as rides for the children. Nothing says spring like the delicate new blooms in all their brilliant colors.


Treks to Historical Sites  

Another choice for an afternoon out of doors on Easter is a trip to a local historical site. You may live near old forts, churches, historical museums or farms. Maybe you could tour the grounds of a historic village or the site of an ancient battle. Children love to hear the stories of past generations so don’t forget to share information with them.

Holidays are wonderful family times. Enjoy your children and grandchildren this Easter. Gather together, eat and laugh and enjoy!