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Ask Granny received  many emails  this summer from companies hoping to get included in one of Ask Granny’s monthly website choices or  hoping to get a mention in her monthly newsletter.

Out of over 100 enquiries this month, I have chosen 4 websites useful for  parents, grandparents, and their grandchildren.

Any grandparent with a grandchild hoping to go into business should take a look at this very useful site offering online tutors for many different subjects including business. offers online stress-free tutoring. Their tutors are experts in their field, so you can  get help quickly.

They work with business experts to give feedback on basic to advanced-level business topics.



Is THE magazine for seniors and grandparents and the lifestyle magazine for today’s grandparents.

Christine Crosby, a grandparent and great-grandmother sought out a top team of professionals, publishing specialists and launched GRAND in 2004.

The GRAND magazine continuously updates new and helpful information, topics such as positive ageing, fun and healthy lifestyles, connecting generations,  grandparent nicknames, grandchildren gifts, long-distance grandparenting and all things GRANDparent!

Easy to subscribe to and full of up to date information.

Ask Granny has also been mentioned in their summer 2022 newsletter and magazine under the title “2022 Best Grandparent Resources.”Thank you GRAND, I am very honoured to have been chosen.

I particularly like this website and hope to follow her instructions on how to write a book for my grandchildren.

Diane has crafted a lovely way to give a personalised keepsake that children and grandchildren will cherish over the years.

This website offers a step-by-step guide to being a successful writer of books for grandchildren.

It contains practical writing tips from one grandparent to another with examples of the author’s own stories written for her grandchildren.

What an amazing idea this is!

Co-Founders and parents-of-three Jason & Emma  started this website and created the app as a way to declutter, give joy and save the planet…and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

YoungPlanet is an app that enables parents to put no-longer-used children’s things to good use with new families and away from landfill, for free. A realistic way to reduce waste, accelerate re-use and create space at home. Brilliant!

Almost forgot.. This  portable fan was the BEST buy this summer.

It got me through all those ‘heatwaves-where-there-is-no-aircon’ situations!

A must, and the, handheld, rechargeable, fan comes in all sorts of bright colours too!

See you next month!