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Are you tired of the same old cruise or guided tour travel experiences? Do you hunger for something more adventurous? Well, hold onto your heartstrings, because Eldertrek, based in both the US and the UK, offers some of the most exciting travel options available to the over fifty population. Eldertrek is the first travel company to plan trips exclusively for those over fifty. Established in 1987 Eldertrek offers off the beaten path adventures in over one hundred countries around the world.

Some of the unique characteristics of an Eldertrek adventure include the following: Comfortable housing with ensuite baths, all-inclusive package prices with no surprise charges, expert guides who know the local culture and remain in close contact with them, prices for only land days, not your travel times, water travel on expedition boats with no more than 110 passengers and land excursions with groups no larger than 16.

Another reason Eldertrek is so appealing to senior travelers, is there are options––lots of them. You’ll find a destination that captures your imagination, you’ll choose a style of travel and then you’ll select a challenge level just right for you. Here’s how it works.

Choosing your adventure package

Where in the world do you want to travel? What part of the world makes your heart beat a little faster and which continent have you always wanted to explore? Eldertrek has offerings in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe and the Middle East. It also offers Polar adventures, Sea Journeys and Hiking Trips. You can have your adventure in virtually any part of the world. How about a trek in Mongolia or Sri Lanka? Have you always wanted to see Transylvania or Libya? Get out your world map and start dreaming.


What Kind of Travel Adventure Do You Want?

This is where your adventure gets interesting. You aren’t going to be walking around with a tour group seeing the usual museums and churches. You can tailor your adventure to your particular interests. What’s your adventure style? Here are some of your choices: History or archaeology trips, diving or cycling adventures, tribal or wildlife experiences, sailing trips, jungle excursions or world festivals adventures. Maybe you want to experience the wildlife, flora and fauna of Madagascar and visit some of its seventeen tribal groups. How about an adventure in Tunisia on the back of a camel and a visit to the Roman amphitheater of El Jem? Or visit the Top of the World beginning in Nome, Alaska and going on to Wrangel Island and the Russian Far East where you’ll meet the Siberian Yupic Eskimo people. The choices are nearly endless and every one of them is unique and exciting.


What Level of Challenge Do You Want?

Each adventure excursion comes with its own challenge rating. Adventures range in difficulty and challenge from a rating of 1 which is the least challenging to 5 which is the most challenging. An excursion rated a 1 will require participants to be able to walk at least one mile, walk or hike for one hour and climb a flight of stairs with no problems. An excursion rated a 5 will require 8-10 hours of walking or hiking per day for up to 8-10 miles. There will be a difficulty level and excursion just right for you.


The Eldertrek website offers you membership in Club Trek. Each time you travel you’ll earn rewards. The more you travel, the great the discounts you will receive on your next adventure. They also sponsor an annual photo contest with prize money of $1500 to first place, $500 to second and $250 for third place. The Trek Talk Blog allows you to follow the adventures of other travelers and take note of adventures that sound interesting to you.

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