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2012-11-28_adventes_kalendarsAre you looking for an unusual  Advent Calendar this year?

Advent calendars, those bright and beautiful calendars counting down the December days until Christmas have been part of the Christian tradition for many years. The earliest advent calendars were created in Germany in the 1800’s by German Lutherans. And today, some of the most wonderful advent calendars are made in Germany. The calendars usually begin with December 1st and count down to the 24th— Christmas Eve, the birthday of the Christ Child.

Advent calendars come in all sizes, shapes and forms today. They may be traditional or secular, whimsical or serious. You’ll find them in the shapes of trees or Santas, made of heavy paper or fabric. Most have pockets or flaps which open to reveal tiny treats, candies, verses or pictures. They may depict the Nativity scene, a snowy village or Santa’s elves.

In the U.S.

You’ll find lovely advent calendars at the following websites.


Christmas Gallery

For those of you who enjoy crafting, take a look at Martha Stewart’s do it yourself advent calendars.

In the U.K.

If you’re looking for toy-related advent calendars in the UK check these out or go to

For some gorgeous advent calendars done by German artist Richard Sellmer go to

Sellmer advent calendars