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thumb_COLOURBOX4557893 It’s that time of year—the beginning of new things and fresh starts. You’re thinking about making some New Year’s Resolutions, but you probably remember all the old resolutions you made in the past. You know, those promises to lose weight, exercise more and eat less. You also remember that your willpower only lasted a week or two and then it was back to old habits and ways.



Maybe it’s time to take a new look at resolutions. Perhaps the old ones weren’t realistic enough. Maybe they weren’t important enough. Maybe this year’s list should look more like a bucket list of fun and adventurous activities you’ve always wanted to do. Or maybe you’ll find helpful ways to support yourself as you actually make headway on reducing your stress levels or eating a healthier diet.

Here are some websites and articles to help you focus on setting realistic goals for 2014.  Ask Granny wishes you all Good Luck and Happy New Year!

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Apps and Gadgets to Help You Keep Your Resolutions

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