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Christmas is a magical time for children.

 One of the ways to increase the anticipation is by opening a window in an Advent Calendar each day of December.  Take a look at these unique and exciting calendars.

Family Games

24 Family Games

This fun advent calendar promises to keep the family occupied for hours and hours playing the twenty-four games you’ll find along the way. Designed for children six and up, this calendar offers games such as mini bowling, a frog race and balloon volleyball.

The Grinch

Grinch Puzzle For Advent

Love him or hate him, the Grinch loves to show up at Christmas time. This Advent calendar has tiny pockets to fill with candies or trinkets and is reusable.

Lego City Advent

Lego Advent Calendar

This countdown to Christmas Lego Calendar comes with twenty-four familiar and festive characters. Designed for children five and up, each toy comes with step-by-step instructions.

Pokemon Holiday Adventures

Pokemon Holiday Calendar

If you know a child who is six years or older and loves Pokemon then this is the Advent calendar for them. This Funko calendar comes with twenty-four vinyl pocket pops of the most beloved Pokemon characters.

Nintendo Advent

Super Mario Advent Calendar

For Nintendo video gamers, this Super Mario Advent calendar comes with seventeen tiny action figures plus seven accessories to create a complete Super Mario scene. Watch the excitement build with each day of December.

Whichever Advent calendar you choose for your family, you’ll love the happy faces that light up when you open each calendar day’s treats.