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Tourism has its drawbacks and one of them is the danger of pickpockets and thieves. Seasoned travelers have their ways of protecting themselves and their cash.

Here are a few quick ideas and some websites that carry the latest in travel handbags, purses and hidden pouches.



Split up your cash, credit cards and other valuables in several places. If you are traveling with another person, split the money between the two of you.


Be smart about when and how you “show” your money. Organize ahead of time so you have smaller bills and change available without having to go through larger denominations of bills. Never count your money in public!


Be as invisible as possible. Don’t advertise you’re a tourist if possible. Sometimes having a camera around your neck, wearing a fanny pack and other obvious travel items make you a target for thieves.


Wear clothing with multiple pockets and hiding places. On-body storage belts, neck pouches, money belts and even bra and underwear stash places makes your cash inaccessible to would-be thieves.


The following websites offer a variety of travel-handy money management items: