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Grandchildren:    Our Hopes and Dreams   

by Sally Kabak

This story subtitled….. ‘A Practical and Modern Guide to Raising Grandchildren ‘… the true story of the Kabak’s venture into grandparenting full-time. When the New Zealand government called them to come and sit in on a conference regarding their baby granddaughter they went, expecting the situation to be resolved in just a few months. Instead they found themselves living in a new country and raising a granddaughter full time.

Their new life brought both the joys of learning to know a new family member and the problems inherent in returning to toddler care. They were exhausted, frustrated by dealing with a strong-willed child and felt out of touch with current parenting skills. When their granddaughter entered school they began to cope with school and safety concerns. The book chronicles their journey as they learn and implement modern parenting skills. This is a wonderful read for anyone who is taking on the responsibility of raising their grandchildren.


New Age Nana by Doreen Rosenthal and Susan Moore

Subtitled Being a Grandmother in the 21st century, this book is a compilation of the views on grandparenting of over one thousand Australian grandmothers. Various topics on today’s roles for grandmothers are addressed. The comments from grandmothers are interspersed with expert commentary to put the varying points of view into perspective. Some of the issues covered include grandmother’s hopes and dreams for their grandchildren, their love for the grandchildren and their desire to be part of their lives. The book also covers how to cope with grandchildren as they grow older, how to deal with various conflicts, grandparent’s aging and health and advice to new grandmothers.

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