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Whether you’re a new grandparent or an old pro, these books will offer something of interest as we live out the honourable roles of Grandma and Grandpa. It is amazing to learn about the differences in both outlook and experience these books explore in the roles of today’s grandparents.

New Age Nanas: Being a Grandmother in the 21st Century by Doreen Rosenthal and Susan Moore.

These two Australian social scientists took on the awesome task of surveying over one thousand women on the question of what it means to be a grandmother today. They put together an anonymous web-based survey administered to women found through advertisements in newspapers, magazines and senior centers. They also gathered stories from these women and got a wide variety of answers to the way changing roles for women has impacted today’s grandmothers. Fascinating reading.

Creative Grandparenting: How to Love and Nurture a New Generation by Jerry and Judy Schreur

This book focuses on creative activities to do with grandkids from babyhood to adulthood. They emphasize dealing with grandchildren as individuals. They also stress the grandparents’ role as an encourager and mentor over the years. Can we be there for our grandchildren in hard times? The schreurs encourage spending quality time with grandchildren to create lasting memories.

Grammie Guide: Activities and Answers for Grandparenting Today by Jan Eby, Cindy Summers, Laurie Mobilio and Lynne Noel

Four old friends were discussing their grandchildren and trading stories when they got the idea to write a book together. The heart of this book lies in restoring fun activities for children apart from the world of computers and other virtual entertainment. The activities they outline encourage active play and lots of interaction with adults and one another. The book has a chapter on each age group from newborns to school age children. There are ideas on art projects, music enjoyment, crafts and on listening to stories. A very practical book on the role of grandparents in today’s high tech world.