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couple_392x259Nearly all of us senior citizens have succumbed to the need for shaking hands with the internet. We may only use our computers to e-mail with friends and family, or we may have delved deeper into the wonders of today’s technology and spend time surfing the net.


If you happen to be one of those seniors who has sidestepped the technological side of today’s life, why not take a look at one of these books? Each one is meant to help the 55 and better club to get with the program and learn to actually enjoy computer use.

Take a look at the following five books. They vary from a funny approach to a more straightforward one in which a lot of helpful information is available to answer your questions.


Internet and E-mail for Seniors by Addo Stuur

For beginners and intermediate computer users over 50. Teaches the basics of searching and finding information and the fundamentals of e-mail management.


What’s New Old Man by Bill Glasser

This is the second in a trilogy called the Old Man Trilogy. Glasser has brought humor to the problems seniors face when they come nose to nose with the way the world runs today. Can we face the new world bravely?


The Senior Sleuth’s Guide to Technology by David Peterka

This book blends humor with hard facts. It begins by explaining the rise of computer use amongst senior citizens and goes on to outline the ways seniors can use their computers to manage their healthcare and medications, their entertainment and travel and ends with some speculation on the future of our technological world.


Online Resources for Senior Citizens by Charles C. Sharpe

Sharpe has compiled resources for senior citizens that will help them access the information they want and need as they age.


Young Technologies in Old Hands: An International View on Senior Citizens’ Utilization of ICT. By Birgit Jaeger

This book focuses on seniors using the technology available to them and not on the ways that others can help the elderly with technological advances.