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Strategies for Coping.

Considerations for My Adult Grandchildren

In a world of ubiquitous social media, massive peer group pressure, artificial intelligence and a world governed by algorithms, Arnie Witkin’s It’s Not A Big Thing In Life is a breath of fresh air. It offers common sense ‘considerations’ for dealing with life’s tempests and triumphs in a relatable, non-prescriptive and easy to read style.

It comes from a grandfather of six who was a highly successful businessman and is a speechwriter, public speaking coach, executive coach and mentor. He knows what it’s like to be at the top, sinking to rock bottom and reaching the heights again. He has lived with cancer for 20 years. He understands the human condition at all ages and has written on strategies for coping covering 65 topics. 

More traditional topics are Principles of Success, Taking responsibility, Relationships, love and sex, Work, Money, Practical problem solving, Envy, Humour, Public speaking and Coping with illness. Contemporary subjects are Pornography, Cyber Bullying, Sexting, Racism, Drugs and Vulnerability. 

Ostensibly written for his ‘adult grandchildren’ the book is actually universal. The principles apply to all ages, colours, nationalities, religions, genders, LGBT people, political persuasions and any economic status. 

The book bridges the gap between the generations. His eldest grandchild, 15, said to him, ‘Grandpa, you’re the coolest adult I’ve ever met. You’re so easy to speak to. I think that you understand everything.’

Two reviews on Amazon:

Should be given to every school-leaver!

This is a fabulous book, really well presented and easy to read (and digest). I found it to be a great guidebook which I am sure will be of immense help and inspiration both to the titular recipients (the author’s adult grandchildren) as well as everyone else lucky enough to read it. My only wish is that I could have read the book as I left school and had it with me as a companion on my life journey, the insights and values shared are very powerful.

Neil Everitt

Sparkles with insight, wit and wisdom. Masterfully conveyed episodes on life’s challenges

Arnie Witkin draws upon the vast richness of his personal and business life experiences to share his insights and suggestions that address some of life’s major…and minor…situations. He does so in a manner that is refreshingly candid and most often with a healthy dose of wry humor. The essays are pithy and cover a wide array of topics in a direct and nonjudgmental manner. His discerning observations are relevant not only for his adult grandchildren but also for adults who may be facing critical circumstances in their lives now, specifically his courageous confrontations in confronting his cancers. It is a moving legacy for his grandchildren as well as a testament to a life well-lived

Susan D

The foreword was written by Michael Holding, the iconic West Indian test cricketer and award winning Sky Sports cricket commentator. He concludes, ‘Arnie, thank you for the privilege of writing these few words as a foreword to your book.’

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