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 Grandparents love feeding their grandkids. Why not get the kids in on the cooking with these cookbooks designed especially for children. Each book has a nice selection of recipes to make with the children and they require no cooking or baking at all. What could be easier?

Don’t underestimate the learning that takes place when you cook with children. They begin to understand following directions, they do math when measuring, they learn planning and follow-through and they learn all about the work involved in preparing meals on a daily basis. They’ll even learn about cleaning up after themselves.

The reward? Time with Grandma and Grandpa and some delicious eats.

No Bake Recipes for Kids by Debbie Madson

This lovely cookbook has fifty recipes covering everything from breakfasts to snacks. Each recipe has at least one step the grandchildren can do on their own.

No Bake Makery by Christina Suarez Krumsick

This book works for both children and adults. There are more than eighty recipes that produce “two-bite” treats. The book is filled with stories of how each recipe came to be and has easy to read directions. The treats you make are nice enough to give as gifts, and the book makes a nice gift as well.

Cooking is Cool: Heat-Free Recipes for Kids to Cook by Marianne Dambra

This is a beautiful book, nicely designed. The information inside is well-organized and there are great photos to help you select recipes to make with the grandkids. This is the perfect beginning cookbook for children.