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We grandparents have raised our families and feel fairly confident we did it right. But wait. The younger generation might have something to say about that.

If you’re a new grandparent or are soon be one, here are four books chosen by Ask Granny, to help you get into the spirit of a brand new world when it comes to raising children. You’ll find out we didn’t put them to bed in the right position, we’re not careful enough about germs and a whole raft of other tidbits of information.

In addition, these books take a serious look at the joys and challenges of being a grandparent. How much time will you spend with your grandchildren? What will they call you? Will you babysit? Who makes the rules? Oh, there are lots of things to talk about.

But no one argues with the fact that being a grandparent is one of the most wonderful gifts we receive in life. Take a look. Which of these books best fits your call to the grandparenting world?

Your First Grandchild: A Useful, Touching and Hilarious Guide for First-time Grandparents by Peggy Vance and Claire Nielson

Co-written by two generations of the same family this book takes a look at grandparenting from both perspectives. Though the cartoon-like drawings make it seem like light reading, some serious issues are addressed: safety, discipline, feeding issues and much more. Case studies offer the reader a chance to interact with situations they’ll soon face themselves as new grandparents. Authors focus on the roles of both grandparents, not just Grandma.

Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting by Lesley Stahl

Lesley Stahl, famed correspondent for the television show, 60 Minutes, explores the changing roles of today’s grandparents, looking at the roles of grandmas throughout history and all over the world today. The book is a mixture of science, journalistic exploration and a number of personal stories to highlight truths. It is both an informative and entertaining read. What role will grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren in today’s fast-paced world?

Good to Be Grand: Making the Most of Your Grandchild’s First Year by Cheryl Harbour with a foreword by Hillary Clinton

This “hot off the press” book takes a look at the ways grandparenting used to be done, what still works, and explores new ideas in child-rearing. It’s part practical advice and part inspiration for the monumental task of becoming a grandparent for the first time. The book is divided into chapters that take the reader through the grandchild’s first year and serves as a resource for new grandparents.

The Little Instruction Book for Grandparents by Kate Freeman

This more light-hearted book for first-time grandparents comes from the UK. It’s informative, yet filled with amusing anecdotes, and witty, tongue-in-cheek advice. It’s been used by an expecting young couple to inform their parents of their upcoming new role in life as grandparents. Lots of fun.