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We can all use a break from the stresses of our daily lives. Did you love Lucy and Ethel back in the day? The Golden Girls? How about Grandma Mazur in the Janet Evanovich books? If so, grab a hot or cold drink, and settle back for a fun read with “two women of a certain age.” 

Edna Gratzer and Gertie Larsen have been friends for over fifty years. But these two old gals couldn’t be more different. Edna is sassy, outspoken and has a larger-than-life approach to her senior years. Gertie is a recent widow, she’s quieter, more sensible and prefers her garden club and church activities to Edna’s Elks Club dances.

Even though these two are polar opposites, they have a rock-solid friendship—a relationship neither of them takes lightly. However, Edna is making it her business to get Gertie “back in the game” and add a little pizzazz to her life.

Thus, we find our two friends embarking on one adventure after another. Edna always leads,  Gertie always follows, and they do manage to get into all sorts of hilarious situations. The outcome? Lots of laughs for readers.

The Exploits of Edna and Gertie is made up of three adventures:

Edna and Gertie Do Vegas

When Edna receives a phone call with the fabulous news that she’s won a trip for two       

to Las Vegas, she signs up, no questions asked. Gertie, the sensible one, smells trouble, but who can deter Edna when she’s ready for some fun?

        “The whole trip, free to seniors. What’s not to like? Trust me, you won’t miss your Hallmark movies. We’re going to Vegas, Baby.”

        Oh, and Edna will get around to explaining about the Elvis Impersonator Contest.

Edna and Gertie: A Seniors’ Cruise to Nowhere

        Gertie has a birthday coming up and boy, does Edna have a surprise in store for her. Edna’s Uncle Louie has died, leaving her a little something, so she’s shooting the wad on a surprise birthday party and an even bigger surprise trip for the both of them. The girls are going on a senior singles cruise to … nowhere.

        Will our favorite ladies find love on the high seas?

Edna and Gertie Ride the Range

        The Senior Cruise to Nowhere had been a bust in terms of love. But the good news is it resulted in new friendships and the formation of the Posse—Edna and Gertie, the Osterman twins and Marvin.

        The whole posse has been invited by Marvin’s cousin, Bert, to a free weekend at Colorado Pines Dude Ranch. There will be tall, handsome cowboys and picturesque trail rides. Edna wants to go. And, it’s a chance for the Posse to get together again and have some fun riding the range.

        Join the girls for great grub, songs around the campfire, and some surprising turns of events.

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