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One of the best ways we grandparents can support our grandchildren’s learning is to encourage them to read widely. Sadly, many young people have lost their love for reading and instead spend countless hours on their phones or screens. Reading good literature is its own reward, and if you model reading to your grandkids, they’re much more likely to enjoy it.

Finding the right genre is one way to ensure an enjoyable read. Adults tend to enjoy historical fiction, romance, thrillers and suspense and mysteries. They also enjoy non-fiction. Young readers often prefer paranormal, science fiction, fantasy and dystopian stories or real-life issue stories.  Here are 6 young adult reads, summer 2023.

We Deserve Monuments by Jas Hammonds

Seventeen-year-old Avery moves from Washington D.C. to a small town in the south to help care for her elderly grandmother. This story deals with racial issues and family secrets as Avery finds her way in this new world.

The Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber

This book is a sequel to Once Upon a Broken Heart. Garber has created a lush fairy tale world in which Evangeline is faced with danger at every turn. Her friend, Jacks, is by her side and the story is a combination of mystery and magic.

Live Your Best Lie by Jessie Weaver

Summer Cartwright leads a perfect life. She is a social media influencer, and the star at her elite prep high school. But then… This story deals with social status among teens, finding true identity and friendship.

Kingdom Lost by Dawn Shipman (Book One in the Lost Stones of Argonia trilogy)

In this medieval fantasy Princess Lyric lives a fairy tale life with her father as king of the land. But suddenly the entire realm is threatened by evil forces. As Lyric flees, she meets fantastic characters, forges friendships and begins to understand the nature of the necklace she wears around her neck.

The Garden of Second Chances by Mona Alvarado Frazier

Juana, a seventeen-year-old wife and mother, is accused of murdering her husband. She finds herself in prison with no way to defend herself. She is undocumented, fearful and alone. She wants to raise her child. This is a story of strength, resilience and the fight for freedom.

The Roar by Emma Clayton

Mika lives in future London behind The Wall. He’s been told the wall is there to protect the people from dangerous animals. But then Ellie disappears, and Mika begins to wonder if his world is built on secrets and lies.

Nothing beats the experience of becoming lost in the world created by a great writer. You might choose to read a Young Adult book with your grandchild and discuss the characters, plot and story resolutions. Or encourage them to read one from the adult list with you. 

Summer days are more enjoyable with a good book to read so enjoy Ask Granny’s choice off young adult reads,  this summer 2023.