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  1. Lose yourself in a good book: Uplifting, enjoyable reading series
  • The Orchard House Bed and Breakfast Series by Heidi Chiavaroli. This contemporary twist on the classic Little Women theme introduces readers to four daughters and their mother, Hannah, who is helping her girls make their way in the world. This is the first book in the series.
  • Heidi Chiavaroli Book
  • Sisters of Willow House by Susanne O’Leary is the first in a series of six books in her Sandy Cove series. Set in a small Irish beach town you’ll get to know the inhabitants, their lives, and enjoy a good dose of descriptions of the landscape, the local food and customs. This story explores the bonds between sisters and uncovers long-kept secrets. There is a bit of romance, too.
  • Susanne O'leary
  • The Boarding House by Carol Ervin. This book is the fifth in a series of the Mountain Women. The matriarch of the family is May Rose Percy and you’ll grow to know her family members and local friends as each story plays out. These stories are reminiscent of The Waltons and bring back satisfying memories of simpler days.
  • The Boarding House By Carol Ervin
  • A Tempest at Sea by Sherry Thomas is the seventh book in the Lady Sherlock Series. Set in Victorian Cornwall, heroine Charlotte Holmes uses her brilliant deductive skills to solve mysteries. This story is set aboard RMS Provence and combines danger, intrigue and a hint of romance as Charlotte solves the mystery in her clever and witty way
  • A Tempest At Sea