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A few more book ideas for Christmas. Ages 3-10

If you want to introduce your grandchild to the wonders of the world, you’ll want to purchase this book. It is filled with historical information and curiosities about famous landmarks including the Eiffel tower, the Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China. Each landmark is illustrated with lots of interesting facts and tidbits added.

In keeping with the high standards of National Geographic, this book uses an interactive question and answer format to teach children how to ask big questions and find accurate answers. What makes a car go? What does a doctor see when he looks in my throat? The book helps children understand the answers using games, crafts, recipes and more.

     Fossils for Kids

This great book on fossils is a Junior Scientists’ Guide to dinosaur bones and prehistoric life. Kids love dinosaurs and are fascinated by their past. This book teaches young children how fossils form, where to find them and tips on how to identify them.

    Gems for kids

A junior Scientist’s Guide to Mineral Crystals and Other Natural Treasures.

My granddaughter (aged nine) collects gems, crystals and coloured stones so I’ve popped it on my Christmas list!