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As spring approaches many of us get the itch to clean out, de-clutter and recycle all the old things that we own. A minimal approach to life seems better than the overfilled cupboards and less-than-tidy living spaces we see each day.

If you’re so inspired, you may want to take a second look at the things you clear out and hope to discard. Some of those items may be worth some cash. It pays to do a little research to sort truly mediocre fare from the fifties, from those items that may be more valuable than you think.

Here are other items that may surprise you with their value:

Old Board Games

When it comes to old board games, don’t save them unless they’re in good condition and have all their pieces. If the original box is in good condition, all the better. There’s a good chance you still have an old Monopoly game tucked away somewhere. Here are some old games that can bring big bucks today. Be a Manager, 1967, by Bamco is worth about $1500 today. Likewise, Fortune, 1935 by Parker Brothers is worth $1360. An old Haunted House game from 1962 by Ideal could bring $800. Take the time to check out the value of your old board games before selling them for $1 at your garage sale.

Building Toys

You probably played with Lincoln Logs and Legos as a child. Or your children did. Both of these building toys can have quite a lot of value. For example, a 1990’s Race Value Park Legos Set can net $125, and the 2003 Technic Star Wars Clone Wars set is worth about $150. Again, if you have all the pieces from a set and the original box the value is higher.

Teddy Bears and Dolls

Most of us know the name Steiff when it comes to valuable teddy bears. The Classic Studio Petsy Teddy Bear by Steiff is worth about $3500 today. But there are other teddy bears that can bring a fine price as well. Most teddy bears made in the 1920’s or 1930’s and still in good condition will bring a good price. And a bear sold by the Peacock Stores and having a foot label is worth several hundred dollars. Then if you have a 1920’s teal blue English Farnell Bear, you’ll be happy to rake in about $11,000!

When it comes to dolls, we think first of old porcelain dolls. Many of them, even though eighty to one hundred years old are not exceptionally valuable, but if they are in good condition and the clothing still exists, they may have some value. Old Barbie Dolls are often collectibles. Certain Barbies have high value such as the Monique Lhuillier Barbie, which is worth about $1600, and the Platinum Edition Violette created in 2005 which is worth $1750.

Historical dolls can have value, such as the Kirsten Larson doll bringing in several hundred dollars and of course the popular Cabbage Patch dolls have certain winners such as the James Dudley Cabbage Patch Kid worth $3,000. Another old standby are Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls first out in 1915. The Volland edition is now worth $3,000.

Plastic Action Figures

Kids love action figures and you probably had them around when your children were little. But if you still have them, be sure to sort through and value them before selling. From the more familiar Star Wars figures, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and the Teen-age Mutant Ninja Turtles to lesser-known figures such as Wundar He Man, Justice League and Felix the Cat, old action figures can be worth a lot of money. Other popular figures include The Incredibles, Jurassic Park figures, the Smurfs, Transformers and WWE Wrestlers.

Old Dishes

Every “antique” store is filled with old sets of china, platters, bowls, and a myriad of old dishes. But some of them are valuable. You’ll usually find a marking made by the manufacturer on the back of each old item. Check those out online and see if your dish is worth one dollar or one thousand. 

If you still have old Pyrex dishes in your cupboard, they’ve increased in value over the years. Also, Jadeite, that milky, opaque dishware is popular as well as Bakelite, Milk Glass and Fiesta Ware from the 1930’s. Depression glass in pale pinks and greens are also items with increased value. Check your cupboards.

There are many other older items of value. Old baseball cards may earn you some cash. And look through your old toys to find an Easy-Bake Oven, a Nintendo Game Boy, Pez Dispensers, Hot Wheels, a Furby or Garbage Pail Kids. Each of these items is worth much more than you paid for them.

It’s great to clear out old “junk,” but be sure you’re not throwing out treasure with that trash!