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Winter heating costs are a major headache for seniors on fixed incomes. Anything we can do to keep the heat in and the cold out, will be a welcome relief to our pocketbooks.

Here are some website ideas from Ask Granny that help to pinpoint the weaknesses in our home heating systems and inform us how to fix them. There is also information on ways to minimize heat loss through windows, doors, and other areas of our homes.

You’ll learn how to assess your current heating system, how to search for carbon monoxide build-ups, how to get an energy audit for your home, and how to treat your windows in a variety of ways to minimize heat loss.     This site tells you how to winterize a rental home.    Here you’ll find checklists for winterization of every area of your home.

Popular Mechanics Browse through nineteen easy home winterization projects and pick the ones you need to do. Learn how to caulk windows, install foam gaskets on outlets, and how to use a programmable thermostat to save big on winter heating bills. Six tips for overall winter weatherization.