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If you’re heading to the beach, or on a camping trip, or just planning a family gathering in your own backyard, you’ll love these three new outdoor games. Each one of them is playable by the entire family from about the age of three to ninety-three. The cost of each game is quite reasonable and the equipment is easy to transport.


Djubi is twist on the game of catch or Frisbee. It comes with two racquets and two balls. Each racquet has a hook on the end. Each ball has an elastic band attached to it which hooks onto the racquet for a satisfying launch of up to 100 feet. You just hook the elastic onto the racquet, pull back and release. The other player or players use a net attached to the racquet to catch the ball. The game is something like using a sling-shot and is a ton of fun to play. It’s a great game for the beach or park or any place where there is lots of room to move about.

Ring Stix    

                                                                                                                                            Ring Stix by SE Toys is a unique game for all ages. The set comes with four stix, one red ring and one glow in the dark ring. The stix look a bit like a plastic wand and each play uses two of them to catch and then re-launch the ring. The game looks as if it requires a high degree of skill, but players report it is quick and easy to learn. This is a great game to play out of doors after dark as the glow in the dark ring is fun to watch and catch. The rings can be flung up to 50 yards. The stix and rings are flexible and durable.


Boochie by Gamewright is a wonderful travel game. Meant for two to four players, it comes with four toss rings, four balls, four wrist trackers and a twelve-sided target. All of this fits in a durable vinyl bag for easy storage and packing. Boochie is a spin-off of Bocce but can be played both out of doors and indoors as well. The object is to throw your rings and balls as close to the target as possible, but the scoring is affected by optional rules which add a variety of throwing styles to each turn. You might be asked to throw with your eyes closed or under your leg. The optional rules add an element of fun to the game making it part skill and part good luck. The wrist trackers are for scoring points and the game goes to eleven. Lots of laughs in this game.

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