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These three game/activities can be done anywhere with a minimum of expense and with the grandchildren taking most of the responsibility for planning and execution. Whether you’re at the beach, a mountain cabin, or just in your own neighborhood, try these to increase family spirit and good-natured fun.


Sports Day

Get into the spirit of an extended family sports day by selecting nicknames. You may want to be the Dynamic Dude or Speeding Bullet. Have the children make and sell tickets to all participants. Money can be used for a modest prize for the overall winner. Have the children create all the games and gather all the supplies for them. Your games may include boules, foot races, obstacle courses, egg tosses, paper airplane design and toss, and the like. Make a day of it with intermissions for meals and snacks. At the end of the day tally up the points (be sure the rules are clear for each event and the scoring is fair) and with great fanfare crown your Sports Day King or Queen. The fun here is greatly enhanced if the adults enter in with gusto.

Nature Walk Exhibition

Get the whole gang together or split into teams and go on a nature walk. The object is to gather a specific number of interesting or beautiful items to put on display when you get home. There may be a time limit involved as well. Once home, label and make displays for the found treasures. You may want to gather cardboard boxes, shelves or purchase inexpensive plastic cases for the display of your nature walk items. If several teams have created taken part, you may want an impartial judge to hand out an Exhibition Award.

Gigantic Water War

This one needs little explanation. Put on swim suits, break into teams or go it alone. Provide hoses, water balloons, buckets, water pistols or guns—whatever delivers a lot of water to the intended target. Lay down safety rules and perhaps provide water goggles to protect eyes and then have at it. Be sure to plan a treat such as ice cream sundaes for the weary water warriors.

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