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As we age we tend to wake up in the mornings with a much higher degree of stiffness than previously. Once we get up and get moving we feel like our old selves again. This stiffness is part of the aging process, but we can counteract it with an active lifestyle. One of the most important kinds of exercise we can do is stretching. There are any number of stretching exercises to do, from shoulder and neck to lower back and legs. But first, let’s look at the health benefits of stretching.

Stretching improves the mobility of soft tissue which is our muscles, skin and connective tissue.

Stretching prepares us mentally for all more strenuous activities. It warms up the muscles and prevents injury.

Stretching helps regulate blood circulation, improving heart function.

Stretching improves our mental health by circulating oxygenated blood and making us feel happier and healthier. That can contribute to a happier social life.


Stretching before any strenuous activity is important. If our motion is restricted we will

eventually decrease the range of motion available to us for daily living. See the sites below for more information on the benefits of stretching and for the perfect set of stretching exercises for you.

Benefits of Stretching