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Whether you’re on a camping trip, a beach romp, a day in the park or just having a family barbecue in your own backyard, you’ll have a lot of fun with one of the following outdoor games. And all of them are playable by “kids of all ages.”

So, gather the clan, plan a great outdoor meal, and then enjoy fun and laughter as the family competes in one of the following outdoor games.

  1. Giant Jenga

Most everyone has played the home indoor version of this balance game. Just stack up the wooden pieces into a tall, rectangular tower and then challenge players to remove one piece without knocking down the entire tower. 

But now you can play Giant Jenga and it’s even more fun. For a less expensive version of the same game, look for the Toppling Tower Game.

  1. Foursquare Pickle Ball

This version of traditional pickleball is played foursquare style. The components of the game include a 20’ by 20’ foursquare net, a metal interlocking frame, four paddles, two pickleballs and a sturdy bag to hold all the pieces. This fast-paced game will quickly become a family favorite

  1. Sportsquad Endzone Challenge

This fun game can be played several ways. It comes with a net, a frame, four plastic unfortunate interception. Using the discs, players try to toss high or low through the openings to score points.

  1. Giant Skillball Game

This version of Skillball mimics the arcade games found at carnivals. It comes with a tabletop game board with six scoring hoops, five wooden balls, a scorepad and rules for several ways to play and score the game. Lots of fun for everyone six and up.

  1. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball may have been played in ancient Egypt, but we know for sure it was played as early as the 1800’s in Italy. The game consists of the individuals or teams throwing wooden balls closest to the Pallino, which is a small white ball. There are many companies making Bocce Ball sets. It’s a great game for all ages.

  1. Capture the Flag Ignited

Who hasn’t enjoyed a wild game of capture the flag? But now it’s even more fun because it can be played in the dark. This version comes with a plastic tub holding two flag cubes, two jail lights, three territory markers plus ten LED lit bracelets worn by the opposing teams, red vs. blue. The game can be played by four to ten players.

  1. Giant Pick-up Sticks

Same precision game, but in a giant-sized version. Fun to play at the picnic table or on a flat space at the beach. It comes with 82 brightly-colored sticks and a black velvet carrying case.

  1. Wooden Egg and Spoon Game

Grab the foot-long spoons and the colorful wooden eggs and let the relay race fun begin. Up to six players can compete.

  1. Portable Cornhole

Take along this portable cornhole beanbag toss game anywhere you travel this summer. And if you prefer, there is an LED version for night play.

  1. Kubb

This is a Swedish game pronounced KOOB. It purportedly has its roots in Viking culture. Two teams try to knock down all the opponents Kubbs with wooden dowels. And when they succeed in that, they try to knock over the King for the win. Each set includes one wooden king, ten Kubb blocks, six batons and four corner markers.

When school is out for the year and families are looking for fun times together, having one or two of the above games is sure to bring lots of fun and laughter to your family gatherings.