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treasureWhen the grandchildren come for some summer fun, you might want to have an activity or two tucked up your sleeve in readiness for the inevitable question: “What can we do?”

Treasure hunts or scavenger hunts are intriguing based on just the name alone. The children will be hunting and there is something valuable to find.

Treasure hunts should be age appropriate or designed so that all ages can join in the fun. You might want to team children up if some can read and others can’t. Or you can use pictures as clues instead of written ones. Summer weather invites the hunt outdoors and you may want to create a simple map of the hunt area. Then let the fun begin.

Creating the event is easy. Choose your hunting area, design a map or just go with clues that lead the children from place to place. Ensure that there is a “valuable” treasure at the end of the hunt. You may want to plan on a themed treasure hunt. Turn the kids into secret agents or detectives. Catching the bad guy involves finding the map that will lead to an ice cream treat. Or do a nature spy game and allow the children to use a digital camera to record their findings.

The possibilities for fun summer treasure hunts are endless. Take a look at the following sites for some ideas to get you started.

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