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Indoor activity ideas to do with the grandkids.

When the weather turns cold and rainy and you have the grandkids for the day, you’ll want to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Books and board games are always good choices, but how about some more active play that won’t destroy Grandma and Grandpa’s house?

Here are some fun games and activities that will keep the grandkids enthralled for an entire rainy day. And don’t forget to finish up with some hands on snacks made together for some fun in the kitchen.


Grab that broomstick and limber up for some limbo fun. Find a list of songs just perfect for this back-bending game.

Freeze Dance

Yes, there is a freeze dance song especially for the toddler set. But all kids love to dance their hearts out and then freeze when the music stops. You might give prizes for the most creative dance moves.

Hot Potato

There are lots of versions of this game favorite, but each involves children standing in a circle and passing a ball or other object from hand to hand. When the music stops whoever has the “hot potato” is out.

Balloon Ball

Balloons are a ton of fun no matter what you do with them. But how about doing balloon relays, holding the balloon on a spoon? Or how about balloon badminton? Check out thirty ways to play with balloons.

Foam Horseshoes

This toss and win game is great for indoor play. No fear of breaking the furniture in the process.

Treasure Hunts

You can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned indoor treasure hunt. Choose a theme, write some clues and send the grandkids on a treasure hunting adventure. Be sure the “treasure” is something they love.

Granddad’s Do It Yourself Project

The grandkids will be duly impressed when Grandpa suggests a special do it yourself project to stay busy on a rainy day. From craft projects such as “fluffy stuff” to giant lego stations, an airplane swing or even the ultimate backyard treehouse, you’ll find something at this site.

What’s Next? Storytelling

No supplies needed for this fun activity. Storytelling is a great activity to build creativity and learn a bit about the makings of a good story with a beginning, middle and ending. What comes next? Can you change the ending?

Memory Game with Family Photos

Memory games are good learning tools and you can buy many of them in the stores. But why not make your own with stickers or even copies of family photos? Other ideas might be animals, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, or household items. You can even draw your own pictures and turn them into fun matching games.

3-D Fun

Have a great time building all sorts of structures with toothpicks and mini marshmallows. You’ll be surprised at the complexity of the building your grandkids create. For an edible activity replace the toothpicks with pretzel sticks.

Gelatin Fun Snacks

Gelatin is fun to make and fun to eat with all its bright colors and wiggly goodness. Try making jello jigglers, a tiny gelatin ship, leprechaun lunch or mini mud buckets.