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Pack a picnic and head for the park – some of which are in very posh places in Summer!     Whether you are a first or veteran picnicker you’re sure to find lots of interesting ideas,  recipes and help at If you click on Picnic Venue there’s a list of suggested sites – including some as far away as New Zealand!!

If you have a special occasion to celebrate this Summer, how about a Posh Picnic – with a Concert and Gourmet picnic as part of the package!

Let arrange everything for you, so you can relax and enjoy a special evening.   Proms, concerts, and beautiful Country House settings – perfect for summer evenings.

From as far apart as Australia and Washington has a list of  picnic places by countries, including a map, photos and interesting facts about the site and, as they are also publishers, you can find a book to relax with while all around are preparing the picnic!!