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Your grandkids are going to spend a lot of time on screens in their lifetimes. And sometimes we wish they’d go outside and climb a tree or build a fort. But, as long as they’re going to play games online, they may as well learn as they go.

You can help your grandkids select truly wonderful websites where they have a ton of fun while they learn something too. For example, the great children’s website is one of the best sites for young children. 

PBSKids has both games and videos for children to play and interact with. Many of the games relate to children’s television programs on PBS and each has educational value. The games teach basic skills in math, science and reading. They also bring in social skills, health information, current events and the arts. 

The games are designed to be fun, but always with a teaching goal in mind. For example, the raft game, Racing Rapids, helps kids see how to design a stronger and more efficient water craft. Kids will pick up the scientific and design principles just by playing the game. And if your grandchild is weak in math skills, you can search for games that practice addition or pattern recognition. And there is a read-along option so children can enjoy a story and practice their reading skills at the same time. 

The parent section at PBSKids is filled with tips for parenting and guiding children through all sorts of daily life problems. For example, there is an article on Nine Ways to Soothe and Comfort a Child, or How to talk to Your Kids about Covid.

In addition to reading, math and science there are also arts and crafts projects such as paper making or turning a cardboard box into a clubhouse. The games have options to play alone or with a partner. Guess what? You can be your grandchild’s partner and have a great time knowing he or she is learning while you have fun together. These well-designed children’s websites are a wonderful resource for grandparents.

Here is a listing of some of the very best in children’s educational websites:

Sesame Street

TIME for Kids

National Geographic Kids


The Kidz Page

Fun Brain

And in the UK, take a look at:

BBC Bitesize

Oxford Owl

Shaun’s Game Academy

Top Marks


Education City

BBC History for Kids


We all want more quality time with our grandkids. And there are wonderful educational websites for kids of all ages and interests. So take some time to preview some of the above sites and next time you get together with your grandchildren offer to spend time online together. You’ll be considered the “cool grandparent.”