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Here are four quick and easy ones:

After the meal has been enjoyed and the dishes cleared away, you’ll want to have something special in store for the whole family. How about some games to spark conversation, laughter and inspire good memories? These games are multi-generational and if one of the young ones wants to play, just team them up with an older family member. Enjoy!

Do You Really Know Your Family?

This simple game is great for everyone eight years old and up. It’s a card game that asks, “Who knows the family members best?” When a card is read it’s either a question or a challenge. Questions are for all players to answer. They respond with answers they think the others will use. Points are scored when answers are matched. This inclusive game brings on lots of laughter, especially when a challenge pops up.

Double Ditto

Also for kids eight and up, this board game requires quick thinking and matching responses. A category card is read, for example, types of cheese, players write down several responses and then gain points if their idea is matched. The game is easy to learn and fun to play. Each round is twenty to thirty minutes long. Score a ditto!

Dancing Eggs

Dancing Eggs is a boisterous, active game that requires holding a game egg in different positions and occasionally requires a trip around the game table. Meant for two to four players, Dancing Eggs tests eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. It’s for both the young and the young at heart. Be ready to test your dexterity and enjoy a lot of laughs.

Forbidden Island

How about a cooperative strategy game in which you join other adventurers to go on a do or die mission? You’ll strive to capture four sacred treasures from the ruins of Forbidden Island. You’ll need to cooperate to recover the treasures and escape before the island sinks into the sea. This game works best for those aged ten and up.


Though we’re in the midst of the real thing, go ahead and suspend belief as you play this cooperative game to save the world from four diseases that threaten the entire world. Take on a role such as medic or researcher and using teamwork and planning, find cures for the diseases before outbreaks become pandemic. Best for two to four players aged eight and up.

The Chameleon

meleon is a game meant for those aged fourteen and up. It is best with six players. A secret word is selected; however one of the six players is deemed the chameleon and doesn’t know the word. The goal is to blend in with other reasonable responses as players say a word related to the secret one. Can the chameleon come up with responses that are believable? The game requires strategy and finesse. It’s a lot of fun. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family interaction. So eat that fantastic dinner, serve the pumpkin pie and gather around a game table to play a game or two.