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    zena-bylinky-petrzlenThose who enjoy gardening go through a bit of withdrawal in the winter months. Never fear, your green thumb can get a workout with indoor herb gardening. With just a few items: seeds, pots, and quality soil mixture you can set up an indoor garden quite easily.

The herbs best grown indoors include parsley, chives, thyme, lemon balm, oregano, sage, basil and dill. Nothing spruces up your soups and salads better than fresh herbs, clipped right from the plant.

In general indoor herb gardens need as much natural light as possible and do well in a south-facing windowsill. Good drainage is another must, because roots sitting in water will rot. Check out Ask Granny’s list of indoor garden websites below. You’ll find one that gives you the right information for your indoor gardening needs.

Bonnie Plants

This site has valuable information on how to grow herbs. It also links to wonderful recipes using fresh herbs. Order their seed kits to get your indoor gardening start.

Organic Gardening

Find your organic gardening tips here. You’ll learn about seeds and cuttings, proper nutrients to use and how to protect your indoor plants against pests.


Aerogarden is a hydroponic system for growing all sorts of indoor plants. You can buy a small herb kit or go big with salad greens, tomatoes and more. Using liquid nutrients and a no-soil system these kits produce serious indoor gardening success, the plants growing at five times the normal rate.