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Simple Ideas for Autumn Decorations.

When fall arrives many grandparents want to bring its spectacular colors indoors. Whether we go for the real thing—branches, leaves, acorns, gourds, or we create via the craft store, the result is the same. We use our creative genius to add color and life to our homes.

Here are some  of Ask Granny’s simple and inexpensive ideas for bringing fall décor to your cozy living room, family room, dining room or kitchen.

Fall Leaves in a Bottle

This easy idea can be used to create endless versions of the same idea: Autumn leaves, berries and flowers in a simple jar or vase. Just spray paint your bottle with gold spray paint. Then add branches. If you use craft store items, you’ll need a glue gun and either scissors or wire cutters.

Couldn’t be easier.

Fall candles in a Bowl or Basket

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most charming. Merely gather up some fall colored candles, group them in a wooden bowl or a basket and place in a central spot. Be sure several of the candles hold scent you love.

Chrysanthemums in a Pumpkin

Select a large, flat bottomed pumpkin, hollow it out and place a fall chrysanthemum plant inside. Your porch or entry way will be all set for fall entertaining.

Eight Simple Ideas

From dried corn husk covered cans holding fall flowers to a lovely box of fall harvest produce in a wooden box, these eight ideas are all both beautiful and easy to do.

Gather What You Already Have

Look through these photos and then gather together the fall items you already have at your fingertips: nuts, gourds, branches and leaves, candles, produce, pine cones and flowers. Place them in a basket or box, or arrange on a table runner for a fabulous centerpiece.

And…from Martha

Martha may have the reputation of creating over the top decorations for the home, but these simple centerpiece ideas are both lovely and relatively easy to create. Take a look.