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You have played junior Monopoly and Candyland with your grandkids and while it’s fun to interact with familiar games, isn’t it time to refresh your game shelves?

Board games are wonderful resources for fun times with the grandkids while at the same time teaching basic skills such as following directions, creating intelligent strategies and sportsmanship in both winning and losing.

Many board games are designed for specific age groups, so be sure you choose a game your grandchild can play or play the game in teams of two so Grandpa can help the five-year-old player. Go over rules and expectations before the game begins and then be sure to adapt a light-hearted attitude rather than a cut-throat win-at-all-cost one. Kids need experience in following the rules of a game but also how to be satisfied with their best effort and the luck involved in many games.

Remember the goal is quality time with your grandkids and if you teach them something along the way, all the better. Here are five good choices for games and activities to do with the grands next time they visit.

Baby Dinosaur Rescue

QBaby Dinosaur Rescue from Jumping High Five is a cooperative board game meant for children aged four and up. The goal of the game is to get all the dinosaurs safely to their island before the valley fills with lava. No reading is required. Build teamwork as all players develop strategies to save the Dinos. 

This is an excellent game for younger children to play in a non-competitive environment. It will aid in building sharing and communication skills, strategic thinking and social skills as well. When children first play board games they can be fragile about losing. This game creates a team effort so everyone either wins or loses. It’s a good opportunity to discuss winning and losing and how to accept a loss graciously.

Best Learning i-poster, My World Interactive Map

Q 1This interactive talking map is not really a game, but a fantastic learning resource for kids aged five to twelve. It highlights ninety-two countries. Children can learn the capitals of each country, the language spoken, plus population and landmarks for each. It can be used for general knowledge or in preparation for travel. Children and Grandparents can spend time together exploring the map and then challenge one another to a “knowledge bowl.” “What is the capital city of France or China?” of “Which has the larger population, India or the United States?”

This fun and exciting resource requires three AAA batteries to operate.

Kids Against Maturity

Q 2This card game is for kids of all ages. Its goal is laughter. Four or more players each receive ten white answer cards and take turns asking a blue card question. The player selects the funniest answer card played. 

Be sure to check through the answer cards and remove any that your family may find offensive as there are “potty humor” cards included. The game comes with 600 question and answer cards and is a fun activity for campouts, sleepovers and family gatherings.

Peaceable Kingdom’s Race to the Treasure

Q 3

Race to the Treasure is a cooperative board game for children aged five and up. The goal is for the team to build a path to the treasure as they collect three keys to open the treasure chest. But watch out for the Ogre! Children will learn shared decision-making skills, build self-esteem and enjoy a sense of community as the team works together to win. Two to four players can enjoy the game or more if you play in teams.

CBTrail Therapy Game for Kids

Q 4This beautifully designed game is meant for children who may struggle with self-management skills or lack awareness of feelings. But even though it is meant to be used to build social and emotional skills, it’s also fun. Players will travel through the land meeting exciting, magical characters and will overcome obstacles as they go. Along the way they answer teaching questions related to emotions and problems such as anger or self-control.

This is the perfect game for youngsters who struggle with focus, managing emotions, or who lack self-esteem. 

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