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fairy-flower-cottageDuring the summer holidays you’ll most likely have the opportunity to host and entertain your grandchildren. It’s time to come up with some fun activities that are new and creative. Have you heard of fairy houses? They are the utmost in creativity for children and offer endless possibilities for creative thinking, collaboration and just plain fun in the outdoors.

Fairy houses are built outdoors in a natural setting. They are small enclosures built of entirely natural found materials and are created at the base of trees, beside large rocks, in the lower branches of trees or any other natural setting where a structure can be created.

Materials may include sticks, rocks, bark, pebbles, feathers, grasses, nuts, pinecones or any other natural item.

Each fairy house is unique. They can be built by individuals, each child creating their own, or they can be the product of collaboration. Once the structure is in place it offers motivation for creating stories, acting out scenes with fairy characters and enjoying the wonders of fantasy. Children may want to create characters to inhabit their own fairy houses.

In this day of technology when children spend a great deal of time plugged in to various machines, a day spent out of doors enjoying the beauty of nature is a treasured time. We grandparents can be instrumental in introducing nature to our grandchildren and building a fairy house is just such an opportunity. Enjoy.

Building Fairy Houses


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