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Here are some of the best board games to play with grandkids eight and under.

Everyone loves board games, but sometimes the younger grandkids feel left out when they play with older siblings. Plan a time when just the younger grandkids play board games with the adults and choose one of these board games below meant especially for the younger set.

Studies show that children learn many academic skills while playing board games. They’re getting ready to do math problems, problem solving activities and learning organizational skills. They’re also learning to wait their turn, think ahead, pay attention and a lot of other skills that will help them in school.

And the competitive nature of board games allows children to play hard and learn how to lose gracefully. So gather the Littles and play a lively board game. Let the best man, woman or child win!


This classic game from Hasbro is forever popular because it requires no reading skills. Children move through the rainbow path through a land of candy characters on their race to the castle. Children must only recognize colors and symbols to play independently. Sweet fun.

Three Little Pigs

For children aged 3-6 this game builds beginning number recognition skills and counting experience. Build your house before the Big Bad Wolf has a chance to huff and puff and blow it down!

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

For ages three and up. This cute board game requires players to earn acorns to feed their hungry forest friends. Builds matching and sorting skills, strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Screwball Scramble

For ages five and up, this game is highly motivating. It requires patience and skill to maneuver through the maze to get the ball to the end. The game builds focus and tolerance for a bit of frustration, but most kids love the challenge. You can play alone against the clock or against a teammate.


This is a super game requiring no reading skills. It is enjoyed by all ages and requires spatial and matching skills. Clever placement of tiles earns big points. For ages six and up.

Beat the Parents

This game pits the parents (or grandparents) against the kids. For those six and up, the kids form one team and the adults another. Trivia questions that kids know the answers to are asked of the adults and vice versa. Lots of fun and lots of laughs.


For kids 8 and up, this fast-paced word game has everyone play at once. Build vocabulary and spelling skills. Think of it as frantic scrabble.

Camel Up

This unique game is for those eight and up. It involves five camels who are trying to race across the Egyptian desert. You’ll shake dice and add intrigue to the race with your desert tokens. Great fun for grandparents and kids.