Juliet Hambro is the founder of Askgranny.com, a unique online resource providing grandparents and seniors with everything they are looking for on the internet. Juliet has a new and refreshing perspective on many topics. After spending time in California researching the internet along with the economic importance of grandparents in the US and the rest of the world, Ask Granny was born worldwide.

Nonna Juliet, also called Granny Juju by her grandchildren, had the idea for the website shortly after she became a grandmother for the first time and was having trouble finding useful information online for grandparents.

Ask Granny is a one-stop-shop of information, news and features relating to grandparents. 

What is Ask Granny’s aim? 

The Ask Granny website tries to help parents and grandparents find what they’re looking for.  An online guide for families searching for gifts, travel tips, help on health and wellbeing, indoor and outdoor activities, special discounts, family recipes, and other topics related to senior citizens, grandparents and extended families.

What’s Ask Granny all about? 

If you’re looking for a gift for a grandparent, senior or grandchild and don’t want to plough through lists of websites Ask Granny selects new and unusual suggestions each month.   Just click  on www.askgranny.com and you will find a host of innovative and useful ideas for games, toys and puzzles for children and anniversary gifts for seniors.

How is the site different from other grandparent websites?

Ask Granny gets to the point, saves time, no forums, blogs, social chit chat just offers up to date info to help you find what you’re looking for.

Who does the site attract?

The site attracts  parents, grandparents, the over 50s, retirees, senior citizens 

What’s the  site’s role in today’s society?

A quarter of all internet users are over 50.  Over 8 million children in US are being raised by grandparents part or full time…. Senior citizens  will soon be the largest demographic age group on line, they are the most affluent consumer group that exists, account for over 40% of  total consumer demand, and spends over $2 trillion on goods and services each year!  Ask Granny wants to help them spend that money on useful, educational and unusual products.   

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