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Senior Discounts – from Servers to Side Tables


  This week’s discounts see some existing offers extended, plus some new techie discounts for those online entrepreneurs out there. From servers and tech backup to hand made hardwood furniture, it’s a home office in one hit! Oak Furniture Land is extending its sale, which sees all the products on the site enjoying some hefty discounts. The more expensive the original piece of furniture, the better the discount – with some dining sets reduced by more than £1,000. The hardwood furniture manufacturer is also offering 60-70% discounts on end of line items in its winter clearance sale, so if you’re Read More

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Senior Discounts of All Kinds


Bradsdeals.com is a terrific blogsite for seniors. On it you’ll find hundreds of senior discounts from lists of restaurants with percentages off for those over sixty-five, to retail and clothing discounts, grocery, travel and entertainments discounts. Many of the establishments have a certain day of the week on which they honor seniors with a discount and others are available every day. Bradsdeals has identified top deals, newest deals, has printable coupons and you may choose to sign up for Brad’s alerts when a particularly good discount becomes available.   www.bradsdeals.com

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