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600g of minced veal 

1 egg

2-3 pieces of white bread (soaked in a little water) with the crusts cut off 

2-3 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese

A small bunch of finely chopped parsley

A little plain white flour 

A cup of bread crumbs

A chicken soup cube (A hint from Zia Mirella – try to find the Knorr or Maggi soup cubes – they are by far the tastiest)

A little red or white wine


Put the minced veal into a large bowl, add the whole egg, the parmesan cheese, the soaked bread squeezing out the excess water first, the chopped parsley and mix well.

Add a dash of salt and pepper.

Form the meat into a large sausage-shaped loaf ( A suggestion – if it is too big you can always make two smaller loaves which are also quicker to cook).

Lightly pass the meat loaf or loaves in the flour and then in the bread crumbs, shaking off the excess bread crumbs.

Wrap the loaves in silver foil .

Heat up the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the butter into a deep frying pan ( A hint from Zia Mirella – putting a pat of butter in with the oil stops the oil from spitting when it is very hot)  and add the meat and the chicken stock cube.

Cook on a low heat for about 30 minutes turning  the meat to brown on all sides, adding a little of the white wine and a little water as you cook.

Take out the meat , remove the foil and continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes 

Add a little more white wine and water to keep the meat moist.

Allow to stand for about 10 minutes to cool.

Slice the loaf or loaves onto a platter and add the sauce that has remained in the pan.

Serve with vegetables of your choice or a nice salad.

This is another of Zia Mirellas’s recipes which you can prepare beforehand keeping the meat in the silver foil until the last minute before your guests arrive and then just heat up a little oil, remove the silver foil and cook for the last  5-10 minutes.

This is also a great idea for summer picnics as it is delicious cold!