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4 eggs

( Zia Mirella  suggests to add an extra egg per person up to a maximum of 6 eggs otherwise you will need to increase the quantity of potatoes)

4-5 medium sized potatoes

½ a chopped onion

2 medium sized ripe red vine tomatoes

A chicken soup cube (A hint from Zia Mirella – try to find the Knorr or Maggi soup cubes – they are by far the tastiest)

A small cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A dash of salt and pepper.


Boil the potatoes and the onion until soft, drain and chop into pieces.

Chop the  tomatoes and keep separate

Zia Mirella says that this is one of the few Italian recipes where the vegetables are to be well cooked rather than our normal “al dente” and you will see why later on.

Heat up a little olive oil in a non-stick frying pan and add the chopped cooked potatoes and onion. Add in the freshly chopped tomatoes, mash it altogether with a fork and allow to cook for a few minutes.

Allow the  potato mixture to cool a little .

Whisk up the eggs with a little salt and pepper ( Zia Mirella suggests  using a hand whisk ).

Mix the cooled potato mixture into the whisked eggs.

Heat up a little extra virgin olive oil in a large non-stick frying pan and pour in  the mixture stirring with a spatula so that it spreads evenly.

After about 7-8 minutes the omelette will be ready on one side. 

Take a large plate the size of your frying pan and slide the omelette onto it. Then slide the omelette back into the frying pan on the other side and allow to continue cooking for a further 7-8 minutes.

This is delicious either hot or cold served with a nice  salad.

 Zia Mirella points out  if you are going to serve it cold, make it in the morning, cover with a little cloth and slice it when you are ready to serve.

It’s a great  dish to take  on picnics.