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A medium sized chicken – about 800-900g – ask your butcher to chop it up for you into medium sized pieces.

A bunch of fresh rosemary – you can also use dried rosemary 

2 tins of peeled tomatoes

A small clove of garlic

A small cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

½ a cup of Red Wine Vinegar.

A dash of salt and pepper

Preparation :

Using a large frying pan, put in the chicken pieces, the garlic clove ( A hint – if you don’t like garlic, take out the clove after a few minutes cooking – this gives enough flavour), then the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the rosemary and brown the chicken over a medium heat turning the chicken pieces over so they don’t burn, just brown nicely.

When the chicken pieces are nicely browned add in the red wine vinegar, cover the pan and allow the red vinegar to be absorbed.

Now add the tins of peeled tomatoes, a dash of salt and pepper and continue cooking over a medium heat for about 35-40 minutes.

Serve with vegetables, chips and a nice side salad.

Mirella says that kids love this recipe.