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500g Penne pasta

One Mozzarella cheese

100g of fresh or frozen peas

Two slices of “Italian Prosciutto crudo” (or substitute this with normal bacon )

½ a medium size chopped onion.

A couple of sticks of celery

Half a (meat) soup cube

Bechamel sauce

1/2 lt  Bechamel– ( Use the ready prepared bechamel if you wish – no fuss and it is excellent)

A pat of butter

A dash of salt and pepper.

In a saucepan, put the butter, the chopped up celery, chopped onion, the proscuito crudo or bacon chopped into strips and cook on a moderate heat until the mixture has softened and the onion is golden – not browned.

Add the frozen  peas and  ½ of the soup cube and let it cook on a moderate heat for about 3-4 minutes.

Place the mixture into a large salad bowl with a little butter  ( the butter will melt with the heat of the mixture) then add a little Parmesan cheese.

In the meantime put on a large pan of water to boil adding a little kitchen salt for the pasta .

Always use a large pan of water for pasta so that the pasta  doesn’t stick and cooks evenly.

Let the pasta cook “ Al dente” – Italians like pasta to be slightly hard.

Towards the end of the cooking time 8 minutes approx. (the pasta packet will normally have the cooking time).

Drain the pasta and add some more butter stirring well so that the butter melts.

Add the mozzarella ( previously cut into small pieces ) to the pasta, the other half of the soup cube, all the other bits and pieces of left over cheese that you may have, then the bechamel and stir it all together.

Now find a nice Pyrex or similar dish that can go into the oven and that you can bring directly to your dinner table.

Fill the dish with the pasta mix, sprinkle it with the remainder of the parmesan cheese and bake it approximately 30-35 minutes.

Remember to heat the oven up to about 225° before putting in the pasta.