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About 20 small squids or 20 small cuttlefish ( not Cuttlefish rings )

A tin of peeled tomatoes

A small bunch of finely chopped parsley

A small garlic clove ( Mirella says that while the garlic is optional, if you use very little this just adds to the flavour )

200g of fresh or  frozen peas

A fish soup cube

A little hot red Italian “Peperoncino”

Salt to taste.


Place the oil into a large non stick frying pan and add the Peperoncino

Add  the baby squid or cuttlefish and allow to cook over a medium heat for a few minutes and then add the tin of peeled tomatoes, the peas, the fish soup cube and just  a little salt.

Cook on a moderate heat until the peas are soft. Add a little water if it gets too dry.

Continue cooking for another 5 minutes.

Serve with plain boiled rice or boiled potatoes.

This is also a great sauce for spaghetti.