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3-4 medium sized eggplants

2-3 medium sized ripe red vine tomatoes

A  small clove of garlic

A small cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A dash of salt and freshly ground black pepper


Chop the eggplants into cubes about  1 1/2 cm and put to one side.

Chop the tomatoes also into cubes and put to one side to drain the excess liquid.

Heat up the olive oil in a non stick frying pan with the garlic.

After a few minutes add the eggplant cubes turning them frequently so that they are browned on all sides.

Now the drained chopped tomatoes and continue cooking for a further 10 minutes.

Add a little water if it seems a bit dry but it should not be watery.

Adjust for salt and pepper.

Also known as ¨Melanzane al Funchetto¨

This is a nice side dish to your main course but it is also delicious as a sauce for pasta!

Make a little extra and keep in your fridge for another day.

As with so many of Mirella’s recipes this can be made whenever you have some spare  time and served later hot or cold